Local Clubs and Their Websites

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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#111 Post by PrecisionGunnerUK »

Could I pop my two clubs down ;

Wakefield Rifle and Pistol Club
Indoors, 1 x 25m prone/3pos range, 1 x 22yd everything else range, 1 x 10m air pistol range
Open 7 days, very busy club. Rimfire, all pistol calibers including black powder are OK. Range limit 450ft/lbs.

Thurnscoe Rifle Club

Outdoors, 50 and 100 yards, covered firing points. Energy limit 350ft/lbs, 2000fps.
Cal up to .357/.38 if checked on chrono to conform to range limits. Rimfire of course and black powder is OK.
Very active with PSG and mini-rifle, usually 1 shoot of each every month.

Thank You !
I love shooting, me ;-)
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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#112 Post by bofor »

Do we have to troll through ALL 12 pages to find a club near where I live ?
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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #113 Post by dromia »

    You'd just need to go through all twelve pages, and even then there might not be one listed.

    Real bugger of a chore isn't it?

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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #114 Post by Ovenpaa »

    A map would be good. The NRA list some clubs however I think it is only by name.

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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #115 Post by 38Super »

    I shoot with Taunton Deane Shooting Association.


    Own 6 point 25 metre indoor range.
    .22rf/LBR/LBP/Under-lever/Muzzle-loading pistol.
    Occasional use of MOD ranges for longer distances.

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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #116 Post by Hairydavey »

    I shoot down in Looe, Cornwall and at Zelah, Cornwall.

    Looe is a 25yd indoor range, can use all up to and including .44 Special. bangbang
    Zelah has a 100m range, I think most guys in Cornwall use this place as it's a lovely little setup they have.

    Looe club have a website: http://unwins12.wix.com/looerifleandpistol (website could do with some improvement, it's a friendly little club).

    Zelah have no website unfortunately. :(
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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #117 Post by AlieN »

    Thames Valley Gun Club


    Shooting at Bisley, full-bore monthly, gallery rifle a little less often (calendar on the website).

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    New Oundle club web site, thanks to Halodin

    #118 Post by 20series »

    Well done to forum member Halodin for creating the new Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club website, http://orpc.org.uk/

    I know from talking to him and other members of the committee he's put many, many hours of work into it cheers cheers cheers

    Do other clubs have a web presence?

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    Re: New Oundle club web site

    #119 Post by TomH »

    The new website is stunning. Content, design amd functionality are all A1. Halodin is a star. Must get my act together and contact the Membership Secretary as it's just down the road.

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    Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

    #120 Post by HALODIN »

    Thanks Gents! The best bits of that site are on the members side -

    - Online Classified Ads: Provides a really easy free way to buy and sell guns and related equipment. New categories can be added on request.
    - Online Club Gun Auction: Provides an opportunity to bid on one of the many club guns up for auction. All auctions conclude Sunday 3rd May at 6pm.
    - Club News: An easy way to stay up to date with club competition news, developments and improvements.
    - Club Documents: Club documents and certificates are now available online.
    - Tutorials: Basic cleaning and reloading tutorials.
    - Members Photo and Video Gallery: An area where members can share photos and videos using the media upload option.
    - Online calendar: Keep up to date with current session times.
    - Club Archive: Download and read a collection of historical club documents and photos using the media download option.
    - Feedback: Have your say on club or website matters.
    - Polls: Vote on internal issues. New polls can be added on request.
    - FAQ: Frequently asked questions for new full members.
    - Messaging: Provides an easy way to get in touch with other members.


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