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Author:  Chuck [ Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Gallipoli

Went shopping this morning and there was a mobile exhibition on the Gallipoli campaign near the Culture centre. Big converted / extending artic but loaded with lots of interestng artefacts from all sides of the conflict.

Weapon parts, bayonets. ammunition in original but decaying packages and boxes, loads of rounds in a showase, all corroded and some in stripper clips. Leggings uniforms, rifles, revolvers, even a Luger shaped frame, water bottles and tools for the farriers who were there: all manner of horse shoe kit. There was an Enfiled action on its own with the box mag attached...

Items of a personal nature: shaving kit, buttons, badges, pocket books. Photos taken of the area then and now. Some photos of the soldiers at the time when they were young men and later in their older years.

Most fascinating were the small exhibits where two rounds had collided in mid air, one round half way through another..amazing. Some were other "double" rounds were not in a magazine but were whole unfired rounds that had been hit by a round fired from the other side..both rounds well and trully joined together.

I think this was a mobile version of the Gallipoli main museum founded a while back.

Interesting quotes on the display:

"They were all someones loved one, father, brother, son". (Referring to all who fell - not just the local forces)

"100 years ago they had the same dreams and hopes for a brighter future as we have today, remember them"!

Must get a camera and try get some photos... ... 153806.jpg ... 0_700b.jpg

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