first .22

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first .22

#1 Post by RJ156 »

Had my visit from firearms guy yesterday and should have my ticket soon. So in the market for a market for a well priced .22 and going off what I’ve shot at the range already a CZ45* seems to fit the bill perfectly

Although I have questions as to what barrel size, thickness? Varmint? Etc to go for

Whilst the rifle will be used for shooting targets at the range I would like to shoot rabbit when I’m able to sort out a permission

Which barrel is best? I know it’s subjective. But open to anyone 2 pence on it
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Re: first .22

#2 Post by 20series »

I had a 452 and it was a cracking rifle, I only punch paper but it was stupidly accurate. TBH you'll not go wrong with any of them, we have a 457varmint at the club and I shot it the other day and it was realy nice too,
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Re: first .22

#3 Post by Dellboy »

As above CZ are good rifles our club one with a standar barrel must be 40 years old and shoots really well

Cutch Vortex Scope
Mauserbill Enfield Books

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Re: first .22

#4 Post by Pippin89 »

I bought a 452 a couple of weeks back as a cheap fill in gun for a stock build project. Only paid £195 for it including a scope and moderator. Turns down its a cracking gun and I might not bother replacing it as I intended to when I bought it.
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Re: first .22

#5 Post by RJ156 »

Good to know all the above!!

So there’s no issue should the “right” deal turn up with good scope, mod etc, but barrel happens to be the long skinny one?

And by the same token, I’m unlikely to see any disadvantage aside from weight (which isn’t a problem) from going for a 16” varmint say?
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Re: first .22

#6 Post by Daryll »

I have a 452 16'' varmint model and its won countless club .22 comps... even beating an RPR on one of them...

They are heavier, but cope with repeated shooting fine. The skinny barrels are lighter, but over an extended course of rapid fire you may find accuracy starts to fade as the barrel heats up..?

if you're shooting reasonably slowly, or the occasional pop at a bunny, the skinny barrels are fine.
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Re: first .22

#7 Post by andyc »

Difficult to go wrong with a CZ to be honest but when I started I went with the earlier Brno Model 2, pretty much the same thing but cheap as chips and just as enjoyable.. I paid 90 quid for a 1959 model with the most stunning stock on it and it was lovely accurate rifle.. Great guns
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