Yet another new revolver

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Yet another new revolver

#1 Post by rufrdr »

My in-laws are moving from their home to an assisted living facility and must extensively down-size their possessions. I've been taking care of my father in law's firearms for him when my wife and I visit them a couple times a year. On this visit he sent his pump shotgun, an M1 carbine bayonet, and a Colt Police Positive .38 special revolver with me. He received the revolver from his father in law when he married back in the 50s and so has passed it along to me.

It is a 5" Colt Police Positive special in .38 Special. It was made in 1925. As far as my mother in law remembers, her father shot one cylinder's worth of rounds and then put it away. My father in law never fired it. It is a very small revolver and probably isn't that comfortable to shoot due to the light weight and small grip area. I will keep it and then pass it along to either my son in law or one of my children when the time comes.



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Re: Yet another new revolver

#2 Post by bradaz11 »

that's in lovely condition!
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Re: Yet another new revolver

#3 Post by johngarnett »

Nice piece of history! Nice looking pistol too!!
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Re: Yet another new revolver

#4 Post by AL8 »

very sweet and worth handing on as you say
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Re: Yet another new revolver

#5 Post by Lever357 »

That looks gorgeous!!
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