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#11 Post by Dr.D »

Please can you apologise to "Swifty Boy", whom I was in a PM conversation with, so I do appear rude not getting back to him, as you have made this decision.

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#12 Post by Dr.D »

christel wrote:
Dr.D wrote:Hi,
I got a pm last night, and been in a conversation with another member, and then went to respond today but now it says I do not have authority to respond or view private messages? Please can you let me know why this is?
I have changed your status to Newly Registered Users as your posts were deemed non contributory.
Once satisfied that your posts are contributory I will move you to Registered Users and then you will be able to use the PM system.
Please could you re-consider and move my status to "Registered Users" as I do use the forum and have put a few posts on the forum which is great and full of loads of useful information, my posts from previously and recently I think nearly 30+, and hopefully contributory.

But I keep having emails telling me I have private messages from Swifty Boy and Gingercat, and I cannot respond, which I feel makes me look quite out of sorts really and like I am ignoring them, especially as I was in a conversation with Swifty Boy before you changed my status back to "Newly Registered Users".

Many thanks in advance.
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#13 Post by dromia »

It takes time to rebuild trust as to your reasons for being here, when the time comes and we have confidence then your full membership will be allowed. One word and short chiming in posts are not deemed contributory for a new member. Your recent contributory posts have been noted

Appeals like this do nothing to help your case it just seems you have an urgency for some reason.

I am sure that Swifty Boy and Gingercat fully understand your situation.

Life moves on.

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#14 Post by ballkeeper »

hi guys iam now registered users[thank you] but cant send/reply to emails yet ,if you could look into it when you have time,

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#15 Post by ballkeeper »

Permissions recived pm

but couldnt respond
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#16 Post by Christel »

Done O:-)

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#17 Post by ballkeeper »

thank you lollol
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