China and Chinese products

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China and Chinese products

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I doubt there is a single person reading this that has not been impacted in some way by Covid-19 over the past few months. Recorded deaths here in the UK hover at just under 1,000 people a day (10/04/2020) People that we know, or know of has died. This pandemic has brought out the very best and sadly, the very worst in people these last weeks. Daily I see images and read articles about our NHS, emergency and armed services that make me both incredibly proud and horrified in unequal doses. They are having to endure horrific conditions and crushing working hours as they try and save lives and are struggling for the very basics of personal protective equipment due to a faltering supply chain.

Let’s take a closer look at the PPE being supplied, a significant proportion is being sourced from outside of our little island. Some from the European countries and some from as far afield as China, allegedly the source of this Corona virus variant.

Equally, I am sure we have all seen or read of PPE failures and shoddy quality. Maybe not on the BBC however look further for news sources and the evidence is irrefutable and I am appalled that China allows and even condones such actions from their suppliers.

Well, we have had enough of this and have decided to make a stand in a tiny and insignificant way by no longer purchasing or using Chinese products as far as possible. Yes, I know this is virtually unworkable, however we are going to do it.

I am not being xenophobic, nor racist, nor do I dislike foreigners (I am married to one after all!) Or anything else, I am simply going to make a small stand against the giant that is China. Starting now, here at the Shooting Shed we intend to be a Chinese product free company. We will not knowingly purchase any product produced wholly or partly in China. Furthermore, we will ask our suppliers to confirm the country of origin of the part we are purchasing. This includes machinery, raw materials, cutting inserts, tool holders, nuts and bolts and even the disposable gloves we use for polishing and inspection. Everything in fact that we use in the workshop will be closely scrutinised in future.

It also applies to clothing and domestic products we use. Also to all shooting products without exception. Our products will not only proudly be designed and made in the UK, they will also be made as far as practicable, without Chinese products.

You may think I am over reacting, or this approach is a nonsense and unworkable, however I believe China is culpable for the levels of this pandemic and I am going to boycott them.

So you have some choices now, either agree and support our approach, or shake your head in disbelief and source your products elsewhere, if you do go for option two, well I really do not care. Adopt our ethos and we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Next time you are shopping, just pause to read the label of the product you pick up, maybe put it back on the shelf if it says Made in China, or PRC or similar. Make a stand in a tiny way and support our UK manufacturers and products instead of saving a few pence and sending your hard earned money outside of our country.

…and why am I telling you this? Because you need to know.

Now wash your hands.

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Re: China and Chinese products

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