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Deer Stalking… reliable word of mouth recommendation from someone you know has undertaken such stalking being offered by a specific syndicate is best. Like other walks of life, stalking has its scammers. E.G., make sure there is deer, of the species sought, on the land being made available; that appropriate insurance is in place; that there is recourse for recompense if it all goes wrong. In addition, obtain and understand terms and conditions; consider the implications of allowing a syndicate leader to be a FAC mentor; make sure ‘coaches’ are suitably qualified; consider the quality of deer management, the construction & execution of a shooting plan and safety; determine if the land is over-shot.

If in doubt, contact BASC or similar.

Anyone considered to be a scammer will be banned without warning.
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Re: Badger Cull - Not anymore

#21 Post by Plecotus »

kennyc wrote:
mag41uk wrote:
kennyc wrote:culls been going for 3 years in parts of Wiltshire , in those 3 years BTB has plummeted, Grey partridge and hedgehog numbers have gone up, coincidence ?
Is here any factual evidence to support this?
talking to the beef farmer and personal observation god enough ?
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