Why have some people never caught Covid?

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Re: Why have some people never caught Covid?

#21 Post by channel12 »

Well my luck ran out last week which is about two years to the first restrictions in March 2022. Considering since the start of the year I've been to the theatre, cinema and live music venues 20 twenty times plus going to the pub, supermarkets and the range.

I am triple vaxxed and apart from an elevated temperature for a couple days it was a bit like a cold minus the snotty nose. To be honesty I have had worse cases of manflu in the past. If my LFT's tomorrow and Tuesday are negative I can go back to a normal routine.
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Re: Why have some people never caught Covid?

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ordnance wrote: Sat Mar 12, 2022 11:25 pm Means nothing, he could have caught it by touching a contaminated surface etc.
Extremely unlikely.
The virus needs to be in aerated droplet form to take infect a host. To catch it off a surface you'd need to wipe your finger on a freshly coughed / sneezed infection and then mechanically stick it on membrane that could absorb it. So wipe your finger on a wet patch and then stick your finger up your nose, rub your eye, or suck on it. The millions of gallons of ethanol supplied in the entrances of premises throughout the land was largely a ritual placebo.
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Re: Why have some people never caught Covid?

#23 Post by dodgyrog »

I thought I had caught it for a second time but a PCR test was negative. Just a rather persistant cold followed by bronchitis lasting nearly 3 weeks.
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Re: Why have some people never caught Covid?

#24 Post by Rarms »

I just had it for the first time. Nothing worse than a cold or hay fever. Didn't feel hot, had a little head ache and a bit of a runny nose. If it hadn't been for it affecting the wife a little worse and her doing a test, I would have been convinced I would have been exposed to it previously.
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