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Deer Stalking… reliable word of mouth recommendation from someone you know has undertaken such stalking being offered by a specific syndicate is best. Like other walks of life, stalking has its scammers. E.G., make sure there is deer, of the species sought, on the land being made available; that appropriate insurance is in place; that there is recourse for recompense if it all goes wrong. In addition, obtain and understand terms and conditions; consider the implications of allowing a syndicate leader to be a FAC mentor; make sure ‘coaches’ are suitably qualified; consider the quality of deer management, the construction & execution of a shooting plan and safety; determine if the land is over-shot.

If in doubt, contact BASC or similar.


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Taylor Fur Getter.

#1 Post by PeterN »

I was recently reading a November 1968 copy of The Gamekeeper and Countryside. I noticed an article about the Taylor Fur Getter made by the Taylor Fur Co., St Louis, Mo. This was patented on June 2nd 1914 and was made for the fur trade but was soon banned by the Federal authorities and manufacture was was stopped. An interesting invention that got the fur bearing animal to shoot itself. Unfortunately, it would also shoot anything that took the bait, not just the target species. I wonder how many still exist? I think I know what the answer would be if someone put in for a variation for one to use outside the hen house for fox control.
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Re: Taylor Fur Getter.

#2 Post by glevum »

In Norway they used to use a similar trap trap for Polar Bears.

You can see a few in the Polar Museum in Tromso

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Re: Taylor Fur Getter.

#3 Post by Les »

PeterN wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 6:49 pm I was recently reading ........
Thanks for posting the article, Peter. A great idea that perhaps wasn't fully thought-out.
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Re: Taylor Fur Getter.

#4 Post by gashtyke »

Bait it with a brown envelope and leave it in the lobby of the House.
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Re: Taylor Fur Getter.

#5 Post by Dark Skies »

gashtyke wrote: Thu May 05, 2022 9:54 am Bait it with a brown envelope and leave it in the lobby of the House.
A knock-on effect being many more would trample each other in the rush. The gift that keeps on giving.
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