Military Rifle Choice

Pre 1945 action rifles. Muzzle loading.

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Re: Military Rifle Choice

#21 Post by MetalMagus »

More choices to consider. Will ask at my local clubs what others use. They don't always bring them along to the range. But, as stated are more than willing to let others have a go when they do. Reloading is certainly on the cards, so shouldn't be too constrained by ammo, as long as I can get the primers, brass, etc. Becoming harder to get with some of the current supply issues. But, for my shooting activities I don't need vast quantities.

Costs for everything are going up, but budget will come into it. So a bit of shopping around to do, once I decide what I actually want to settle on. Probably something with a bit of historical value to keep me interested.

Thanks for all the advice. It is sincerely received and valued. In the long run it should hopefully prevent me buying a proverbial lemon.
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Re: Military Rifle Choice

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Sorry, but only experience and knowledge can prevent a lemon purchase. Try to take a knowleable friend when viewing as not all sellers offer 100% truth sad to say. Always remember "Caveat emptor." good luck with your search I am sure that you will enjoy shooting a piece of history.
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Re: Military Rifle Choice

#23 Post by James84 »

Having owned more milsurp rifles than I can count in my life, my favourite overall is the K31. Absolutely fantastic and whilst I cannot get any GP11, my handloads using PPU's K31-specific bullets and proper seating depth are like a laser. Just a lovely rifle and they're nearly always in excellent condition (in terms of bore)
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Re: Military Rifle Choice

#24 Post by DanTheMan »

The arms fair at Bisley this weekend has pretty much every rifle mentioned for sale - worth going for a look.
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