Insurance - home & vehicle

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Re: Insurance - home & vehicle

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DL. wrote: Sat Jan 29, 2022 6:40 pm I'm struggling to get onside with morethan because their premium is 4 x the cheapest alternative.

I know the theory of buying cheap, but with insurances that I never use, it seems foolish to pay more than absolutely necessary.
I am getting close to finalising a property and contents claim with RSA/MoreThan - it will be in excess of £25k. Has it been difficult? No, support where I need and sometimes harder to get quotes than the company to pay out - and they do so in advance.

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Re: Insurance - home & vehicle

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Just renewed house Buildings & Contents insurance, did it via go compare. Was with More Than for a few years so time for a shop round.
Rifles & scopes & other high value items all listed individually to produce quote. They ask for as new cost of replacement not what you paid.
Did not want to be under insured but again don't want to be over insured. Halved my annual cost by shopping around, and its 5 star defacto policy.
Interestingly More Than was not able to quote. Was also shocked at how much a Seamaster watch now costs, even 2nd Hand it's worth more than I paid new.
So a good reminder for all, is to ensure you don't end up under insured by not fully updating items replacement value on a quote.

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Re: Insurance - home & vehicle

#13 Post by Pete » brainer.

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Re: Insurance - home & vehicle

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I’m with Direct Line and this thread has prompted me to go check my policy. I have 2 shotguns at present worth over £4k combined, once I get my section 1 I will be adding at least another 3k of guns and bits. Maybe I need to join the NRA for their cover?
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