last shot hold open on 10/22

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paul mercer
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last shot hold open on 10/22

#1 Post by paul mercer »

On new Rimfire Magic rifles one can buy them with a device that holds the bolt back on a 10/22 after the last shot, unfortunately I believe that as they are made in the USA they are very difficult to obtain and are only available on their new build rifles. Does anyone know why Ruger have not considered putting them on their rifles as a standard feature?
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Re: last shot hold open on 10/22

#2 Post by Pippin89 »

Brownells sell them. About £100 from memory.
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Re: last shot hold open on 10/22

#3 Post by shoppe »

Mmm not sure about that. I am pretty sure it takes a new complete bolt assembly etc for the 10,22 to hold open with last shot. It costs about £250 plus. Pretty sure it's classed as a pressure part so not as simple as just swapping it over.
I looked into it about 3 years ago.
With the rimfire magic rifle it's an option and on a NEW rifle so no problems with FAC , proofing would cost a small fortune to convert an existing standard 10,22 you already own.
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Re: last shot hold open on 10/22

#4 Post by MistAgain »

Just get one of these ...Lightweight, extended bolt release has a finger lever that extends an additional 1⁄8". Lets you lock the bolt open using just one finger, and without fumbling. A slight pull on the bolt handle and the bolt releases. Gives fast, convenient reloads.

Dont get one from ebay if the seller is chinese or there is no business address showing on the listing .
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