Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

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Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#1 Post by ordnance »

I have ordered a lantac la-sf15, anyone shot one any thoughts. Club use only here.
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Re: Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#2 Post by Webley »

An excellent choice! I went for the Raven, but at the time the LA-SF15 didn't come with the same barrel and chamber as the Raven like it does now. You should find it to be very reliable and accurate. I would suggest adding the "better mag" adapter to your order if you can.
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Re: Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#3 Post by Charlotte the flyer »

I have got one earlier in the summer and it’s great. I looked in detail at some of the other .22 ar rifles that are available in detail (M&P, Tipmann, Kriss, CMMG, Spikes etc) and decided that Lantac was the one for me. The Raven was a a bit pricey for a 22 so I went for the standard model. It’s mil spec and has full last round hold open functionality which works even with the mag removed which was the clincher. The upper and lower have a really nice build quality and the rifle functions very well. I have a couple of v small niggles but it’s mainly me not reading the spec fully before I ordered and not the fault of Lantac. My 9mm Raven has a nice squishy mag pull grip and a high end magpul stock. I thought that the SF 15 would be the same but it arrived with the lower spec magpul stock and a hard plastic magpul pistol grip, they are perfectly usable though. The forend is the same (really nice) and I’ve become a bit of an MLOK addict since getting them both. I asked about a better mag adapter and was told mine would ship with one. The trigger is a bit heavy, I think it’s a milspec one, the 9mm has a Geissele which is far superior. The coating used on the dust cover and flash hider is a bit low rent but I’m splitting hairs really. I will say on the record that my customer experience with both rifles was excellent. Providing that you understand they are being built in Texas when they do a run of that particular rifle and you have to wait a bit you will be fine. Both rifles got RFD transferred over as soon as they were ready to ship with no issues whatsoever. Have you seen the note about using certain ammunition on their website :
We utilise CMMG 1:16 Twist 4140 Steel Barrels that we chamber in house .22 Bentz for improved accuracy . These barrels are then Cerakoated black to finish. The LA-SF15™ .22LR will reliably load, fire & live round extract .22LR ammunition and the only restriction is the use of 'Stinger' rounds that are not suitable for the rifles Match Grade Chamber.
Stainless Steel CMMG .22LR Evolution Bolts and adapter collars are also used and these are specially machined, polished and blended with the chamber for reliable feeding function. The rifle is designed to function with Standard Velocity ammunition like CCI Standard and the use of MiniMag is not required to get reliable cycling of the action.
The above post probably contains sarcasm or some other form of attempted wit, please don't take it to heart.
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Re: Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#4 Post by TattooedGun »

I have 2 of them.


They'll both easily hold the 10 ring of a PL14 at 25 yards.

at 100 the other week (pictured) I was looking at around a 2" group off the bipod with 10x IOR on one and Eotech red dot on the other with Eley Force (not known for its ultimate accuracy).

Both run reliably and both have CMC 2 stage Triggers rather than the original trigger.
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Re: Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#5 Post by BamBam »

Yes, they're pretty good. The standard trigger is a milspec ALG QMS, it's probably the best milspec trigger on the market, but it is around 5-6lb.
In the US the LA-SF15, in .223, is marketed as a police patrol rifle and several PD's have it on their approved list.
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Re: Lantac LA-SF15 Standard

#6 Post by Sim G »

BamBam wrote: Wed Sep 27, 2023 4:09 pm
…In the US the LA-SF15, in .223, is marketed as a police patrol rifle and several PD's have it on their approved list.
I like that.
In 1978 I was told by my grand dad that the secret to rifle accuracy is, a quality bullet, fired down a quality barrel..... How has that changed?

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