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Re: Phoenix email

#11 Post by Christel »

Still have not got the email :G
I know the NRA does not send all the emails out in one go but 24 hours later seem like a long time delay.
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Re: Phoenix email

#12 Post by IainWR »

The simple answer on the range use question is that the Range Safety Regulations specify a maximum muzzle velocity on Melville of 2150 ft/sec, and .17HMR goes fater than that, whereas Running Deer is cleared for MV up to 3280 ft/sec. If the actual question is "why hasn't the clearance for Melville been altered to permit use of .17HMR?" then the answer is most likely that it hasn't risen high enough in anyone's priorities to explore whether it is possible to get the rules changed.

As to the GR prices (and now I'm really guessing), I suspect that much of the overhead at the Imperial is borne by the bits of the event that do produce large surpluses, whereas at the GRAWs all the overhead falls on the GR event.


Re: Phoenix email

#13 Post by John25 »

IainWR wrote:Unfortunately the economics of GR competitions are not my side of the business. I will see if I can find someone to provide a definitive answer.


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Re: Phoenix email

#14 Post by the running man »

Iain, its about time......many've restored some faith in the org u work for......keep it up.....
When someone says "it's not about the money" you know what? it probably is all about money!

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