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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#11 Post by northumbrian »

Whilst I am not in the UK, I will be a French RFD, soon.
I am based in central France, in the La Creuse.

But, I am also a Toolmaker, so in the mean time I will be producing Gunsmith tooling in the new year, chamber reamers, bench blocks, custom milling cutters, etc, Anything you want just ask, If I can make it, you can have it.
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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#12 Post by Fester »

I'm a part time RFD Swindon wilts
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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#13 Post by DaveT »


I am near to you in South Cerney (close to Cirencester)...are you aware of any ranges locally? ....I have to go to either Severnside or Warminster or Bisley to shoot so 'quick trips out' are not feasible.

Even zeroing is a 'pain' as my land permission is very flat and I don't like to fire off too many shots at once.

Even somewhere to zero conveniently would be a bonus.

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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#14 Post by top »

South Yorkshire Airguns ( SDS ) Sheffield.
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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#15 Post by fred2892 »

Listing rfds is a good idea, but how about including your websites? I can understand not putting contact details in a forum due to spambots etc, but your contact details would be available on your sites.

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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#16 Post by redcat »

Part time RFD County Durham. Firearms transfers handled FOC.

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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#17 Post by Ovenpaa »

Mid Bedfordshire.

Full time RFD, rifle builder, machinist and designer and maker of shiny things with storage facilities. No RFD fees in or out other than shipping costs.

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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#18 Post by spud »

RFD in Norfolk dealing in all things reloading.
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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#19 Post by baldie »

Full time custom gunsmith, painter and Accuracy Internationals only UK service centre.
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Re: F-B(UK) RFD Network

#20 Post by nunhead »

Specialist RFD just outside Bisley Camp. .... historic arms (mainly ) .... most classes of section 5 including full-auto, disguised firearms, SCACs ("Brococks") and "short firearms" [Eurospeak for pistols ;-)] especially s.7 Heritage ; lots of BSA & other singleshots.
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