What are you shooting this weekend?

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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#41 Post by waterford103 »

Weather permitting it will be my ar15s and my 260 AI stocked REM700 , I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH RAIN AND COLD !
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#42 Post by 20series »

This weekend it's Mini Rifle Saturday with the trusty Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 then on Sunday my first proper bash at PSG with my new toy a Beretta 1301 Comp Pro.

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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#43 Post by Gun Pimp »

Well, I was looking forward to 800 yd F Class but gale force winds forecast for Saturday!
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#44 Post by Mauserbill »

Going to give old smellie an outing, its a south African Rebarreled Enfield Mk3 dated 1912. It would shoot superbly in the hands of someone with better eyesight than I have.
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#45 Post by bnz41 »

On Saturday which ever 7.3 hand guns I decide to give a few rounds too Colt 1911 or Browning High Power's or even the Glock.
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#46 Post by phaedra1106 »

As usual nothing at all ****
RCO for my club yet again, and probaly next month as well ****
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#47 Post by Mattnall »

This weekend is the last of this season's CSR matches, so I'll be shooting ETR on Pirbright Ranges.

Not sure what rifle to take yet, it'll be a choice between my M4gery or my (pretendy) AR style rifle.
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#48 Post by Blackstuff »

All day PSG competition tomorrow now that DVGC has finally dried out and then seeing if I can finally get my Arken Zulus LRF scope behaving itself on Sunday (in fairness it was an ammunition problem last time - subsonic ammo, not being subsonic... 8-) lol )
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#49 Post by shoppe »

4 of us took our rifles to bisley this week. 2 of us had 308 f class and the other 2 had 6.5 cm.
The last time I had been there was over 30 years when we had pistols! For the other 3 ,it was their first time. We stay 550 miles away do its a long journey for us.We were shooting on Wednesday and Thursday.
On the wednesday we shot 300,600 and 1000.
Wind was a bit tricky at 600 but we all shot well.
In the afternoon at 1000 there was a fair wind. Put on 10 moa for windage and had all v or 5.
I was pretty chuffed with that. Rifle had new barrel and new load. First time out with it at 1000.
On the Thursday 300 was fine but the 600 the wind was gusting stronger at times but still did ok.
We all had a few strange shots displayed on the screen showing a shot very low or a shot very high.
We later found out it was probably caused by the gusting wind affecting the shot marker sensors?
On to the 900 and 1000. The wind was all over the place and we had a very steep learning curve. Not so easy .With some of the wing gusts it was starting to move the rifle a bit. We did reasonable well in the end.
The thing is even with the very challenging wind( for us) and some rain at times we still had a really good 2 days. Good company , good craick, nice food in the evening and some good shooting .
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Re: What are you shooting this weekend?

#50 Post by dromia »

Pesky wabbits will be getting their daily dose of .204" Ruger, .218" Bee and the .17" HMR.

If conditions prevail then dirty stinking Charlie could a be due a helping of .222" as they have been seen around the Guinea fowl.

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